openSUSE autoinstall cannot be modified

I have very strange problem - trying to install 11.4 (64bit) on my VMware 7.1 - the installtion works, only I have no chance to change anything, it simply takes over and doesn’t let me do any modification. The installtion panels look totaly different compared to the installtion manual.

Is there some known problem? What do I need to do to stop that?


On net or DVD install:
If you’re installing from live CD, I don’t know this option is there … I guess not.

Exactly what part do you want to modify? Do you mean the post install config - which by default is auto?
You can deselect autoconfig at this part of the install setup

I downloaded today the latest ISO file (which is a DVD I suppose) und used that to boot from. What puzzels me is that VMware is asking me for userid and password to create on the new Linux machine. Then I get a screen, different to what you posted here, pretty much just showing what is happening, but there is no break, it asks for nothing, there is no menue to choose from and the only button I can use on that screen is “abort”. I will post it, but I have to shoot it first.
I would like to change the partitioning from the standard and install GNOME instead of KDE.
No chance so far.

It worked with previous versions fine (I didn’t test 11.3 thought).

Sorry guys for have you bothered with it - it turned out to be a VMware feature (started with 11.3). I turned it off (you need to say “I install the OS later”) and I am where I needed to be.


No problem.

On 05/04/2011 02:06 PM, dbrich wrote:
> Sorry guys for have you bothered with it

no sorry needed–i’m happy you sorted it out (because i had NO idea
where to start)

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