OpenSUSE ate my Ubuntu/Fedora Boot Loader? :(

I just install OpenSUSE 11.1 along side my Ubuntu 9.04 and Fedora11 installs, how ever the OpenSUSE grub installer did not auto detect my other distros and add them to the grub list as Ubuntu does. How can I about adding them manually? My Ubuntu resides on the sdb6 partition and my Fedora resides on sdb8


YaST > System > Boot Loader can probably help you.

You might copy the lines from the GRUB installed on your Ubuntu and Fedora. If you mount the partitions they’re on, just look for the lines in /MOUNTED_OTHER_LINUX/boot/grub/menu.lst
Read these lines carefully, edit them where needed. Worked for me some releases ago, triple booting openSUSE, Ubuntu and Fedora. Since I first installed Ubuntu, and Fedora discovered Ubuntu, I picked the Fedora GRUB lines for openSUSE.

I solved my issue - I didn’t know that I needed to install grub onto the root partition of each distro. I have it all setup and working now :slight_smile: