opensuse as a interne gateway wit rp-ppoe and webmin

Hi guys

My first time posting on this forums but not the first time i using it for information.Ive searched and search but havent found a solution to what i want.

I am running opensuse 11.0 with webmin 1.430 and im trying to establish a pppoe connetion on adsl with Rp-ppoe 3.8. Im using my adsl router as a bridge.

I currently have to nics setup in my computer.and would like the other computers here to use this machineas a gateway.

my problem is that it wont start on boot and sometimes Rp-pppoe says it has connected to the internet it wont browse through firefox or neither can i ping a website.
I have turned off my firewall as i thought that it was the problem. but still it doesnt seem to work.

any solutions or other applications that i can use to achieve what i want?

thanks in advance