openSUSE-artwork group on Flickr and openSUSE Artwork at G+

In order to have central place for artwork and photos that can be used for openSUSE distribution, documentation, marketing, presentations and other purposes, like nicely decorated user desktops, we created openSUSE-artwork at Flickr:

How that should work?

For now rules are minimal. We will tune up as we go.
Main rule is that created artwork and photos must be yours and license must allow sharing.
For inclusion in group any license that allows sharing and production of derivative work, is fine, but artwork selected for inclusion in distribution must allow commercial use. We have SLES, SLED and we want more companies to use openSUSE as a base, and we don’t want our artwork to be a problem.

Group was created with single idea to have pool of images that look good as wallpapers, but later idea was expanded to images that we can use to illustrate documentation, wiki and other web servers, as marketing material and so on.

More details on openSUSE:Wallpaper graphics (proposals) - openSUSE .
That page was actually meant to collect wallpapers, but wiki is really not meant for massive amounts of graphics (as we expect :slight_smile: )

Although, you can already see few screenshots, that is not content what we are looking for, nice decorated desktops can be posted as examples, but it is, for now, up to the group moderators to decide what means “nice looking”. Don’t be offended if your opinion collides with their.

If you have images on Flickr you are welcome to join the group and add photos and images.
If you know someone with nice looking photos, ask her/him to join the group.

We also have group at Google+ :
that was created with similar intention, to help collect nice images for those that use Google+ as their social networking and Picasa as photo management platform.

Some nice fellow already shared the artwork group with me on g+. Should be neat to see some suse stuff in my stream. :slight_smile:

It is our stuff, if we, including you and me, don’t add to it, then there will be no “stuff in a stream”.

First motive to create Flickr group was millions of images that people have there.
There is no easier way to contribute then to browse Flick and then when you found something exceptional invite authors to the group.
That is how Flickr works.

I just wanted to say, i’m very happy with the default wallpaper selected for Opensuse 12.2. It looks nice, clean, and it isn’t branded which is a big plus for me. I will probably use it for a while longer than i generally use default wall papers.