openSUSE Application Report Card / Statistics

The form has long argued back and forth the issues of “Linux not ready for prime time” and “Linux won’t gain widespread acceptance until…”. I’m not talking here about the OS itself, nor am I talking about using VMware or Wine to run Windose apps. I am talking about user involvement in Linux, particularly using openSUSE versions and the applications being used.

We are a community of over 34000 strong, so we should have a substantial number of users under many walks of life do a diverse set of skill sets. So here is what I propose…

Can members answer this post with some details of what they use Linux for mainly (games, personal work, IT related, business, application development, OS testing…). Secondly, which applications they use or have used and the OS version. Grade each application based upon
Application Rating Guide

  • -1 Application used to be available now is not
  • 0 Application no longer works
  • 1 Application works after some tweeking
  • 2 Application works well after tweeking
  • 3 Application works well but needs improvement or fixes <short explaination>
  • 4 Application works great as is
  • 5 Application is fantastic

Here’s a start…
openSUSE version 11.1 KDE4.3.1
Used for: Technical Writing, Application Development, IT management, Project Movies & Videos
Corel Wordperfect8 -1 Word processing Linux no longer supported
xForms GUI RAD -1 application for GUI development NLA
xBasic RAD 3 application for GUI/Console development (limited socket support)
Gambas RAD 4 application for GUI/Console development
x86asm RAD 4 application for GUI/Console development
Gimp 5 Image manipulation
Abiword 3 Word Processing
OpenOffice 4 Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Presentations
k3b 4 CD/DVD rendering
FireFox 4 web browser
kmail 3 email client
Ocular 3 PDF viewer
Acrobat reader 4 PDF viewer
ksnapshot 5 Screen capture
kooka 5 scanner
kiconedit 5 Icon Editor
banshee 3 audio player
totem 3 video player

Hopefully, from this information I can comprise a list of applications and their readiness. Developers can review for thoughts of which apps need primary attention, and visitors can look for apps based upon user experience. I hope to organize results by application groups with as many opinions/ratings as possible if I get reasonable community response.