openSUSE and windows 7


I wanted to put openSUSE on virtual box within winodws 7. I wanted to know if this will mess up any service pack updates. Also, if i need to uninstall virtual box, i will get my hard drive space back, correct?


Virtual Box is just like any Windows program, it can be uninstalled the normal way. When you make a virtual drive inside of Virtual Box it just saves it as a file. When you do not want the virtual drive anymore Virtual Box will give you the option of actually deleting this file or saving it for future use.

so i can install openSUSE and it won’t mess up windows service pack installs,

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On Thu, 21 Jan 2010 01:56:02 +0000, vader95 wrote:

> so i can install openSUSE and it won’t mess up windows service pack
> installs,

Since the files in openSUSE inside VirtualBox are stored in a single file
(or multiple files depending on the configuration) in the Windows
filesystem, it shouldn’t have any effect whatsoever.


Jim Henderson
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To windows it is just another program and file.

VIRTUAL - the name says it all.
It basically creates an imaginary HD (A file to be precise). This Virtual HD is just like any other file on your system, except it’s massive. I always create a fixed size HD so for me at least 10GB.

Your installed system is in this Virtual HD and it has no effect whatsoever on the host (for you win7).

In the interests of fairness and honesty though, there are other Linux distros that run better and quicker than openSUSE does in Virtual Box.

Yeah, i’ll probably install ubuntu and debian in the virtual box as well and choose which i want to use.