openSUSE and the football world cup

Vuvuzela Time! - View any website like you’re at the South Africa World Cup!

lol, good one!

:sarcastic:Thanks. :sarcastic:I am deeply grateful!:sarcastic:
Forever yours:sarcastic:

Strange title. I didn’t know openSUSE was playing in the world cup. Didn’t even know they had a world-class football team rotfl!

I haven’t got my sound on but I assume this site also blasts your ear with that noise?

In fact I ought to turn on my TV to find out what that noise sounds like. I’ve been blissfully unaware of WC, or even TV these last few days. Much more fun programming. :slight_smile:

No. You don’t. You really don’t. It will ruin your concentration, and your programs will crash, even more than usual. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s ok, I think I can reach for the off switch while my ears are intact, from what I’ve read. :slight_smile:

lol! It’s neat that you can reach the switch with your ears.

Huh? Are you using a non-English parser on an English sentence? :dont-know:

No, just a warped sense of humour. Read too quickly at end of bad day, “intact” > in tact > root: tactus (L) - touch (as in tactile). It was too cryptic, even for you. :expressionless:

Maybe it was a bit illogical or at least not accurate, too.
“tact-us, -a, -um” was meaning touched (participle perfect passive of tangere tangere - Wiktionary) and not quite touch or touching (tangens?).
And the “in-” was more likely meaning “not” like in- (negating particle) in “inaccurate”.

And to be accurate - I had to laugh about the linked website lol!(after I had clicked the sound away) and simply thought that my English were not good enough to understand the joke with the ears… (;-)]although I should read with my eyes and think with my brain/;-)])

have a lot of fun

Light-hearted comments don’t need to rely on logic or accuracy, as you just demonstrated. I prefer to rely on the Oxford Dictionary - in book form - with a reputation to preserve. The origin of the English word “tact” is French from the Latin “tactus” (touch, sense of touch). That Latin word derives from tangere, so what. The usage develops over many centuries.

Wow, it’s like you’re there!