Opensuse and Openjdk


I have openjdk installed which was installed by opensuse, now I want to change openjdk to sun/oracle distribution, but I don’t have any java products from sun in my yast software manager, and as I presume I need to install other java distribution through yast, so other software that uses java can detect that I have java installed. Is there any repository with sun/oracle java distribution? If not, what should I do to get other java distribution and still make it visible to packages that would be installed through yast?

Have a look at -

Due to Oracle changing the license, most linux projects have stopped distributed the Oracle version of Java… unfortunately if you’re using SuSE in the enterprise you’ll probably find openJDK doesn’t work with a lot of management applications :expressionless:

You’ll need to download and install what you want from Oracle/Sun.
To know how to configure and switch your system from one JDK or Java to another Search other threads in these forums using keywords like


Also, perhaps
set HOME



you can also use this repo to install sun java:

Index of /repositories/Java:/sun:/Factory/openSUSE_Factory



Ok, thanks for all the links and tips. I installed it manually and I think it works (at least for now).

Thank you for this advice on searching - I just posted a very similar question (with a few additions). I’ll certainly try your search terms!

Karla B