openSUSE and nVidia card

Hi all,
I am about to buy me a new laptop. The one I found has an nVidia 3050 graphics card (chip?). I read here a lot about problems especially after updates.
Is it wise to get that laptop, are there ways to make the combination (nVidia and Tumbleweed) work and keep it working, or is it asking for trouble?
Should I use the nVidia driver or is it better to use the opensource one?

Who can give me some help?

@JanMussche with the newer gpu’s yes you could run the open source one. I would suggest Prime Render Offload rather than looking at the likes of suse-prime.

Again, I would recommend the hardway, but if it’s an optimus system using the intel gpu and using Prime Render Offload you would not be affected with the desktop not running if the nvidia driver is not updated/running… just lose some functionality…

Reference: Prime Render Offload

Hello Malcolm,
No, it is not an Intel based system but an AMD one with a Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU. Apart from the nVidia it also contains AMD Radeon Graphics.
Does that make it any better or is there no difference? I remember there used to be the nouveau opensource driver for nVidia cards. Does that one cause problems as well when there are updates or is it safe to use? Does the card loose performance with the Nouveau driver?

@JanMussche it shouldn’t it’s just a iGPU and dGPU setup… I have a laptop here with dual AMD gpu’s :wink:

Have you selected that model laptop because you want or need one with NVidia graphics? If not AMD’s discrete GPUs are reputedly good enough for most otherwise NVidia users. Life with AMD on Linux is much simpler than with NVidia. AMD sees to that by participating directly in FOSS driver development for its products. In contrast, FOSS drivers for NVidia GPUs have always had to be reverse-engineered, as NVidia only just started to contribute, and only for its newest, most expensive units. Even iGPUs from AMD and Intel have gotten to be pretty competent performers in their most recent incarnations, so simpler yet.

@mrmazda any recent card can be run, the newer RTX 3 series cards should be fine with the oss driver. Any Turing is see