openSUSE and my G4

Please excuse me if i am posting to the wrong area. Another forum recommended this LINUX and am brand new to the LINUX system.

What version of openSUSE should i download that i would be able to run on my PowerMac QS G4 from a CD/DVD just to get a taste of this LINUX ?

Are there any ( or many ) midi/audio programmes i could use with my G4 ? The G4 has a PCI midi/audio card. Would i be able to hook up to the midi/audio running openSUSE?

I think there were some articles in the wiki on installing the openSUSE PPC architecture version. I don’t recall if there is a LiveCD (I think not) so you may have to devote a disk to try it and see. Once installed it should look like the other archs. As for compatibility with hardware you’ll have to check the wiki.

I only tried openSUSE on a G4 for turning it into a server so didn’t pay attention to the sound.

the current version of OpenSuse is 11.2;

looks like folks have been doing linux on a G4 for at least three years

Preparing Your PCI Power Mac for Linux

if you download the .iso (it is about 770Mb)

burn it and try it out as a liveCD you can see what you think; equally, various linux magazines give away DVDs with trial linux distros on them; another alternative

Suse used to use gnome as a desktop; now it is kde; either seems to work for most things

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …

running ppc processor?

may need ppc support from distro …

… suspect opensuse not for you … ??

see here

Comparison of Linux distributions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hmm, there was official support for the PPC as recent as 11.1, but I see that they’ve discontinued it. Maybe somebody’s still maintaining the PPC distro, I only skimmed this web page.