OpenSuse and EVE Online


I’ve been using Linux Ubuntu now for about 6 months. It’s been working great so far but I’ve grown tired of it and has been looking for something new to try my hands on. OpenSuse seems like a grand choice coz, well… Its green and stuffs.

The only requirement I have from linux is that it must run EVE Online through wine. So my question is mainly for those who run suse and eve;

Is it much harder to install and setup wine and eve in OpenSuse? Does Wine, eve and games in general work as well in KDE as in GNOME?

Thanks in advance!


First of all open Yast and then Software Management at the search type “wine” and tick the boxes for wine, wine-devel and wine-gecko , click the accept button and wait for it to install. What that hard? :slight_smile:

After that open the console and type winecfg in order for wine to create the “.wine” directory in your home forder.

To get more info`s about the games use this link: WineHQ - EVE Online and see how the game acts under certain versions :wink:

That easy? Cheers :slight_smile:

Just had to drop back in and say that eve works surprisingly well in OpenSUSE 11.2 lol! Its even working better then in windows :slight_smile:

Edit: Hell, even Café world in facebook works better then on Windows :slight_smile:

Yh EVE works extremely well in suse 11.2 under wine, but since 7 and all the new little code rewritings they’ve done, i find that many of my games from the late xp/early vista era and earlier work on wine perfectly and not at all on 7 or sometimes even vista which i find quite funny, especially as one of them is halo1 for pc which is a windows game :wink: