openSUSE and desktop recording: why does it suck so bad?

Okay openSUSE does a lot of things well but if its one thing that always seems broken and just plain awful its desktop recording.
No matter what tool I try to use none seem to preform the way they do on other distros.
Kazaam fails to start
recordmydesktop runs like a slug
there is ffmpeg but its mostly commanline
Vokoscreen seems to be the only one that seems to work, with only one option it does seem limited if you dont like how vokoscreen works

Works fine here with GNOME just press ctrl+alt+shift+r to start and stop. Produces a nice webm file.

I always found gnome shell and recording very bad, so many keys to hit, guis whats that? :smiley:

simplescreenrecorder is good

Desktop recording works fine for me with KDE.

I have always used recordmydesktop without any issues. You can even run it from the terminal if you so desire with a command that goes something like this:

recordmydesktop -fps 40 -x 200 -y 100 -width 630 -height 345 -o foo.ogv

You can read about the various options in the man page or here: recordMyDesktop Man Page