openSUSE 64-bit on 1GB RAM

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place - couldn’t find anywhere else suitable.
Just wanted to know… is the 64-bit version of openSUSE good and stable with 1GB of RAM?

Yes. See: openSUSE 11.1: Hardware Requirements. You still may consider to choose a lightweight window manager. (Installation with Little Memory - openSUSE)

yes kinda (maybe all the gotchas are covered now, i’m not sure), but
why move to 64 with only 1GB ?? *

of course, i wanted to be able to say that i use a real 64 bit system
(at no cost) to all my microsoftie friends…and, i did that several
years ago…(with openSUSE 10.0) but, since then i’ve gone back to 32
because it is just easier…more things work out of the box…no
special 64 drive issues, etc…

and, i’m sure you can find several (many?) who say if you have a 64
bit capable machine you should use openSUSE 64…and, they may be

but i can’t prove it for me, and doubt they can for you…

i can say this: my bet is that if you install 64 today, then your
machine will NOT do anything so much faster that in the next TEN YEARS
you will have saved enough of your time to ‘pay for’ the time it
takes you today to install 64…



Flash: you need to use the alpha version to have native 64 bits support or use NSPluginWrapper. Or you can always use a 32 bits Firefox.

Drivers: probably you can’t use ndiswrapper, at least with 32 bits Windows drivers, but not sure. Still, is ndiswrapper needed anymore? I have no WiFi, so…

Codecs: You can’t use Windows codecs if you don’t use 32 bit versions of the players… not that you are going to notice since FFmpeg supports most (and here I really mean nearly all of them, including the ones you never listened about) of them natively (Codec Status Table - MPlayer - The Movie Player).

…that’s all.

I think you’re right… What real benefit am I going to get from using 64-bit openSUSE? It’ll just add to the problems and less software will be available for it. Looks like 64-bit technologies haven’t been completely perfected yet. For now, I think I’ll stick with 32-bit operating systems.*

I use 64bit for more than 2 years now without any problems at all, whether multimedia related or else. Specifically for multimedia stuff (encoding/decoding) 64bit can be up to 20% faster, depending on application

For you, 64bit is useless as you really dont need it.
Maybe with a newer processor and more memory, but not now.