OpenSuse 42.3 Leap: Importing Firefox bookmarks from my old linux mint system

I’ve installed OpenSuse 42.3 Leap on an HP Envy 17-k073ca laptop and I have tried to bring all my Firefox bookmarks over from my old Linux Mint system.
I exported the original bookmarks to the standard “**bookmarks.html” **file and put it in the downloads folder of the new machine. Now, however, the Firefox Version 52.7.3
will not import the file. This is the standard Export/Import routine as executed by Firefox, but the import doesn’t seem to work. Anyone have any suggestions about what I
might be doing wrong.

Thanks Rob

The actual Firefox current bookmark file is places.sqlite. Instead of importing, you could just try copying that from the Mint Firefox profile to your new profile.

Thanks Fraser, I’ve got it figured out now: when you do the import it doesn’t load the bookmark folders into the big empty screen area ( like you think they would ), but sticks them in another folder off to side with no indication
that it did so.

Thanks for the help, Rob