openSUSE 42.3 EOL

Hi all,

So the openSUSE Lifetime wiki page states that openSUSE 42.3 will hit EOL in January, 2019, although the general policy for Leap EOLs has been 6 months after the next release, and 15.0 came out in May. Will 42.3’s EOL be an exception to the rule?

~ jcat123

I’ll be able to give the answer in January :stuck_out_tongue:

The Leap series is supposed to have longer term support. So I think the real question is whether support will end in January, or will there be some continued support after that (until SLE12 reaches its end-of-life). I don’t know if that has been finally settled.

In any case, I think you are safe expecting 42.3 to be supported until Jan 2019.

I read some time ago about possible plans that Leap 42.3 may get longer support to give people more time to upgrade to the next major version (15.0).
But I have no idea what happened to that.

Regarding the page, it may just as well not have been updated correctly. The time schedules did change (they are not set in stone anyway), Leap 42.3 did get released earlier than the usual 12 month cycle.

I cannot give a definitive answer about that, sorry.

One thing is sure though: there won’t be a Leap 42.4 release, based on SLE12 SP4.