openSUSE 42.2 Release Screenshots

Here’s mine

That’s the Arc theme package (Arc Dark gtk and window manager theme + Arc icon set) and the Variety wallpaper app](

Hmmm. I see nothing.

Definitely the cleanest desktop I have seen yet.rotfl!

Are you blocking imgur by any chance?

Hm, works here, I can see the image.

**My Plasma 5 with all the perks of plasma and the visuals of Gnome. Regards

Perhaps … I do not even see a link.

Why not use Suse Paste? That is what it is there for.

@braianmb: I like your fonts and they look crisp.

Here’s the conky skin:

And the WP:

I totally forgot to post a scrot.](

Here is mine on a Dell Inspiron 5555 system;](

Taken while camping a couple weekends ago on the banks of the mighty Mississippi river :wink:

Did I see that right, 6 minutes boot time? That seems a bit excessive.

Yup, fstrim running across multiple SSD’s, not an issue as it runs in the background, in 6.529s with the other bits about 15 seconds in all.


In your post, nothing at all shows, not even a broken link icon, just blank space between your two sentences.

I also see nothing when I “inspect element” of your post in Firefox.

Yet, when I “reply with quote”, I see the broken image icon in between your two sentences. Still no link showing, just the broken image icon.

However, in my reply window, when I choose “inspect element”, I see the link “ImageBam”. When I right-click that in the inspector window, I can choose “open link in new tab”, and a new tab opens clearly displaying the image you posted.

Fascinating. My enhanced Firefox settings are so secure I cannot see your stuff any other way! Now I am waiting for a Suse Paste link to see if it behaves the same. :question:

BTW: Yep, now that I found a way to view it, I like your desktop, Malcolm.rotfl!

Way too secure then :wink: SUSE Paste is just a link, so it’s the thumbnails your blocking?

Thanks, there was another one heading North as well, but wanted the sunset shot, cleared off later in the evening for some good satellite and star gazing.

openSUSE 42.2 (XFCE with Compiz and Emerald)

Do you have a link to the wallpaper? Preferably wide screen resolution. Looks nice.

openSUSE leap 42.2


I created to fit with the theme, but you can get it from here:

Cool. Thanks.

Here is openSUSE 42.2 on my MacBook3,1;](