opensuse 42.1 with debian 7 ----> kernel too old

hi all i have opensue 42.1 installed in uefi mode and debian 7.9 installed also in uefi mode.

both work ok BUT when i try to load debian from opensuse grub it tell me “kernel too old”

is there anyway to fix this problem?

thanks , nir.

I’m guessing here.

I did install Debian a while ago, but I think it was Debian 8. I have not experienced your problem.

I will assume that “secure-boot” is disabled, because I think you would otherwise get a different error message.

Edit “/boot/grub2/grub.cfg” on your opensuse system. Ignore all of the warnings against do this. But note that this will be only a temporary change. If it works, then I can suggest a permanent fix. For the moment, this is experimental computer science.

Look for the line that starts Debian. It will probably be two lines. I expect that they will look like this:

linuxefi --lots-of-stuff-
initrdefi --other-stuff-

Change that "linuxefi" to "linux".  And change that "initrdefi" to "initrd".

Then tell us if that works.

Explanation:  Using "linuxefi" and "initrdefi" loads the kernel via the "efi stub".  I'm guessing that you have a kernel that was built without an efi stub, and that's what the error message is reporting.