OpenSUSE 42.1 Beta 1 - Cannot install vlc-codecs (missing libraries)

Hi, I’m trying to install the vlc-codecs package on my fresh installation of OpenSUSE Leap (42.1 Beta 1 KDE) since I can’t play .mov .avi .wmv .mp4 and apparently any kinds of video on my VLC installation, however when I try to install it through zypper, i receive the following output:

Problem: nothing provides needed by vlc-noX-2.2.1-172.6.x86_64
Solution 1: do not install vlc-codecs-2.2.1-291.2.x86_64
Solution 2: break vlc-noX-2.2.1-172.6.x86_64 by ignoring some of its dependencies

Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/c] (c):

And I’m not able to install my vlc-codecs and thus can’t play any video files. zypper lr gives me the following output:

| Alias | Name | Enabled | GPG Check | Refresh

1 | Numix | Numix | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
2 | VLC | VLC | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
3 | | Archiving | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
4 | | Packman Repository | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
5 | | libdvdcss repository | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
6 | openSUSE-42.1-0 | openSUSE-42.1-0 | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
7 | packman | packman | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
8 | packman-essentials | packman-essentials | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
9 | repo-debug | openSUSE-Leap-Debug | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
10 | repo-non-oss | openSUSE-Leap-Non-Oss | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
11 | repo-oss | openSUSE-Leap-Oss | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
12 | repo-source | openSUSE-Leap-Source | Yes | (r ) Yes | Yes
13 | repo-update | openSUSE-Leap-Update | No | ---- | Yes

I think it’s worth noting that repo-update is not enabled because zypper tells me that it’s invalid because it “can’t find valid metadata at specified URL”. All information I find on google related to VLC codecs is for OpenSUSE 13.2/Tumbleweed, and honestly that’s my first try on OpenSUSE so I don’t have much clue of what to do.

I’m just guessing. The packman repos for Leap probably have not been setup yet. It might be best to wait. Until then, test only what does not depend on software from packman.

Is there any other ways to get support for .mov .mp4 and .mkv files without the Packman Repository?

Compile the stuff yourself. Leap is still very very much beta. In the past Packman did not compile for a version until the version officially releases. I don’t think that has changed

They have been building, not publishing…✓&commit=Filter%3A&succeeded=1&failed=1&unresolvable=1&broken=1&blocked=1&dispatching=1&scheduled=1&building=1&finished=1&signing=1&locked=1&deleting=1&pkgname=&repo_openSUSE_42=1&arch_x86_64=1&project=Essentials&defaults=0

As a temporary solution, since it’s based around SLE 12, in most cases you should not have any issues using the SLE12 repo. Now I see you have both VLC and packman. Disable and use one or the other (both have SLE12) but not both…

Else look at using the Fluendo codec bundle (non free solution).

Hi Malcolm,

Would you be to kind as to expand the answer to the OP for the benefit other experimenters like myself who are also having video codec problems.

You mention it would be a reasonable temporary solution to use packman. Good. But which packman? Can you be more specific? Did you mean one of the all in one essential addresses as proposed in the wiki like tumbleweed, or factory?

Thank you and I take full responsibility for possibly breaking my Leap 42.1 Beta 1 TEST install.


Just add the full mirror path, eg;

zypper ar -f "Packman SLE12"
zypper ref


Thank you for your prompt and informative reply,


On Mon 28 Sep 2015 01:16:01 AM CDT, folkpuddle wrote:

malcolmlewis;2729963 Wrote:
> Hi
> Just add the full mirror path, eg;
> >

> >
> zypper ar -f
“Packman SLE12” > zypper ref

> >


Thank you for your prompt and informative reply,


All ok now and working?

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Hi, thanks for the reply. But I decided to stick with Tumbleweed until the final release of Leap is released, since it seems quite unstable yet and not a good option for someone who has never touched OpenSUSE before.

Yes thanks Malcolm.

Before switching to the packman SLE 12 repos I had no sound from smplayer but after zypper ref and zypper dup I had a working player.

I noticed in another thread - the one inviting comments on the latest Milestone - that user oldcpu did not have sound from smplayer until switching to packman SLE 12.
Also he reports that pulseaudio does not show the playback source. This is the same for me. If I launch pulseaudio it does not report any player in action!

Sound was present from Internet Radio streams (Firefox as browser) - but no sound from smplayer (correctly configured - I’m not a new user of smplayer) with mp3 or mp4 or mkv

Anyway it is good to be able to hear a video and not just see it.

Thanks you for your follow up enquiry,