openSUSE 15.4 Leap VLAN network only

I am starting to deploy openSUSE on my infra. So far no complaints (been using SLES way back when).
The only thing that I am wondering on how to set up is base networking that is already at VLAN - so there will be no VLAN0, only specific one(s) - I setup additional VLAN no problem but the server still has the original IP and eth0 network from deployment. How can I setup server to use only VLAN, or lets say the eth0 is already at VLAN3 for instance…?

Thank you in advance!!

Which network management framework (Wicked, NetworkManger…) are you using?

NM allows you to add VLAN interfaces and configure accordingly via it’s graphical front ends, or via the nmcli command.

I am using wicked but i may switch to NM as the wicked may pose issues for kubernetes setup…
So there is option to set the direct VLAN on eth0 to use IP from VLAN and no ip from VLAN0?

So what’s the problem? Configure physical interface as “No Link and IP Setup” and create your VLAN interface(s) as needed. You said you were familiar with SLES, and there is no difference to SLES here.

That’s absolutely unclear. Switch port may work tagged or untagged. If switch port is set in untagged mode, there no VLAN visible to end device. If switch port is set in tagged mode, you must create VLAN interface, this is the only way to work with tagged VLAN packets.

OK so no link and no IP I did not even think of :smiley: I just then may use that and be done with it…

  • but -

I want us to be on the same page - I am attaching screenshot to show what I want to achieve:

If you can see, I already have VLAN interface attached to ETH0 - the only thing that I wanted to achieve is that I would not have “additional” interface defined for VLAN, but rather to have proper VLAN defined on ETH0 directly… I understand that I may be asking something that is inherently not possible or am not understanding how it actually should be - for that I apologise… I am thinking a bit out loud here :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your effort so far!

This wiki page may help with your understanding…

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I have no idea what it means. Describe your network configuration, not your ideas how it could be implemented. It is still completely unclear what you are trying to implement.