opensuse 15.2 on Raspberry Pi 4

If this is in the wrong place, it’s because I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this.

I am obviously new here. I did several searches in the forums for anyone using the Raspberry Pi 4 board and if they’ve had any luck with it.
Either I’m doing something wrong or no one has posted anything regarding it. I’ve been playing with the RPi4 for a while now, and just finally
got opensuse 15.2 installed and working well.

Just in case anyone is having problems with it, I’ve noticed that if you use dd to ‘burn’ the img file to an SD Card then to an external hard drive
it will boot from the external drive. If you try and use a different img on the SD card it will not boot to the external drive. Matching SD Card and
Hard Drive images seem to make the difference. Just to experiment a little more, I did the same with Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi’s OS with the
same results.

Now my question, has anyone tried to boot an ISO from a dvd to install on the aarch64 architecture? I have, multiple times and it will not do it.

openSUSE uses *.iso files, not *.img: openSUSE Leap - Get openSUSE .

No need to use optical disks, flash is much better.

Funny, I found the raw images here… even had one specifically for the RPi4.

Either way I want to be able to use iso installation media. I want to be able to make an encrypted volume for
root and swap partitions. So, yes, there is a good reason to install from an iso. Unless you know of a way to
do that with the raw images. If so, please tell me, I’d love to know.