OpenSUSE 15.2 Install DVD Checksum Fail


After downloading twice from the official link and from a mirror site, the checksum validation fails for isolinux.bin

How do I get a valid version that that file? And how do I modify the ISO image to include the correct one so that the result is still a bootable DVD for installing OpenSUSE 15.2?


  • Itai

This has come up before.

DO NOT attempt to check that file. Just verify the checksum of the DVD as a whole.

That “isolinux” file contains the boot configuration for booting the DVD. The checksum shown was generated before it was configure. So the fail that you are seeing isn’t relevant to anything.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Good to know because I found the error twice and thought I generated some coasters :slight_smile:

Although, this brings up the question, how do we know the DVD burn was completed without errors if we can’t verify that one file?
Even though, unlikely, there could be a burning error and if it coincidentally happened in that one file, how would we know?

Thanks again,

  • Itai

There’s a “Media check” in the menu when you boot the installer. You do have to scroll down and select “more” to see it.

Or if you are running another openSUSE system, then try
Yast → Software → Media check

You should also be able to use:

sha256sum < /dev/sr0 

to get the checksum of the DVD and then compare to what it should be. (You might need to be root to try that).

Neither worked.

Media Check says that it cannot find an MD5 SUM which I assume is because I am running 15.1 trying to check 15.2 media.

sha256sum gives a different sum than than the one advertised for the ISO, presumably because of formatting difference between that and the raw disk output.

It was worth a try though.


  • Itai


I actually tested that before posting the suggestion. However, I tested with a Leap 15.2 system.

Rechecking with a Leap 15.1 system, I do indeed get that message about missing md5 checksum. However

sha256sum < /dev/sr0

works for me on both Leap 15.1 and Leap 15.2, and gives the advertised sha256 checksum.

I should note that I did this in a virtual machine, where the iso file was configured as a virtual DVD device. I did not actually burn a DVD. And it is possible that makes a difference.

Good to know

When doing the actual installation, the media checked fine by the installer itself, so I felt safe to proceed.

Thanks for checking!