openSUSE 15.2.1?

I searched but couldn’t find an answer…

What was the outcome of the openSUSE Jump thing?

Will there be a 15.2.1, or wait till 15.3?


Check out this from the factory mailing list:

openSUSE Release Engineering Meeting 21.10.2020 and Update on Leap 15.2.1 (Conditional) No Go

I’m not quite sure what to make of it. But I suspect it means that we will see Leap 15.3 but we won’t see 15.2.1.

I predict 15.2.1 will soon become the foundation on which 15.3 will be constructed. There was a status report on the factory mailing list Tuesday.

I upgraded a 15.2 to 15.2.1 using zypper some days ago. Everything went well except zypper was unable to locate the current kernel which was clearly listed on and The only kernel a zypper search listed was over 3 months old.

Latest info:

I installed 15.2.1 from the iso around September 18th. There have not been any updates since then.