OpenSuse 13 on primergy TX100 S1 with lsi mega raid

Good evening,

I have a pfujitsu siemens Primergy tx100 S1 with lsi mega raid. If i install OpenSuse with the installation DVD without ServerView tool I can finish the installation but when I restart the server it can’t find the operative system, is it a problem eith mbr?

If I try to install OpenSuse with ServerView fujitsu tool, it find a wrong dvd checksum, it search “SUSE SLES 11” while the dvd is a “OPENSUSE 13”

Do you have any suggest to install OpenSuse on PRimergy TX100 with lsi mega raid?



Any suggests?

LSI MegaRAID is far too general. There are many variations, some of them are “fake raids”. So you should start with at least telling what exact MegaRAID controller you have.

the raid is SATA LSI Embedded MegaRaid Fujitsu Technology Intel ICH9R BIOS Version A.09.06171059R driver name megasr1 11.02.0626.2008. Do you have any suggests to install OpenSuse 13.1?