OpenSuse 13.2 zypper addrepo timeout

Any reasons for getting a **timeout **calling this in OpenSuse13.2 i586 ?

sudo zypper addrepo

Tumbleweed Repo in openSUSE 13.2?

Will be moved to Applications…

It’s an incredible bad idea.

If you are still running 13.2, you should upgrade your** entire system** to Tumbleweed before adding any repositories. 13.2 repos have been taken down and randomly installing packages will break your system!

Was your answer a spam, or your dont know how to update OpenSuse 13.2 ?

It cannot be updated to Tmbleweed for legacy reasons … which means there is no way to add any repositories …

You can still add 13.2 repositories (oss, non-oss, update and update-non-oss) from a mirror and install software that way but unfortunately no new patches, updates or other software are available anymore and many of the build service repositories have been taken down permanently.

If you add Tumbleweed repositories to your existing 13.2, you will end up with a broken system sooner or later as the software for it requires new libraries, kernel etc.

If I have to requote my question, it is the concern about a realiable 32bit support.

Is there is an official tumbleweed i586 package list? How is the policy regarding tumbleweed i586 compatibility, i.e. which gcc versions, etc., etc. ?

There were times, where tumbleweed didnt support 32bit, for some time it reintroduced it again (appart the question, why would opensuse discontinue 32bt support with so many systems there having only this architecture)…

Tumbleweed has always had 32-bit (i586) support, they were close to dropping support for it already but managed to scrape it back together.

Because Tumbleweed is a rolling distribution, it will constantly receive new versions of software - not so long ago they went from GCC6 to GCC7 and had to rebuild everything.

Simply put; there aren’t enough people on 32-bit systems to warrant it, at least not on the development team or people willing to contribute. I personally haven’t had a 32-bit system since around 2003-2004 when I got my first AMD64.

In short; it takes time, effort and people to make the 32-bit version work and there aren’t those willing to do it. That’s all there is to it.

I understand about the shortage of people.

How about a list with supported i586 packages? Is there any official statement about the min. GCC version supported (i.e. what are we support to successfully build) ?

Tumbleweed offers a 32bit system. You don’t have to take bits of it piecemeal. As already mentioned, sooner or later that will break your system.
If you want 32 bit, upgrade to 32 bit tumbleweed completely.

Besides 13.2 has been out of support for some time now.

Ok, maybe Ivent been clear enough: I asked, is there an offical list of supported i586 packages in Tumbleweed ?

Further, I want to be able to build a 32-bit system from the sources. However, rumors are spread, that this is not completely possible for certain packages when building a 32bit on a 64 host system. Ok, the latter is probably not specifically OpenSuse problem, but if anybody has a success story, please share it with us… (PS For example, has anybody experienced such a problem GMP builds 64-bit binaries when asked for a 32-bit build: ?)

TW is fully 32bit capable and all of it’s source is open and downloadable, it’s just i586 is not as maintained as it once was
you want a specific answer to a general question in principle most if not all sources can be build for I586 some require i686 (recent firefox code only builds with SSE2 and this is because of the way RUST was designed and there is no way around it)
your question about a 2 year old bug is strange the current version of the GNU MP Library exists as a 32 bit TW package
if you are asking if a 32bit compiler by mistake builds 64 bit code instead of 32 bit one then no it should not but that was an old GMP bug which I don’t know if it was fixed as it was a 5.x bug and GMP is at 6.1.2