Opensuse 13.2 Yast2 segemntation error


Opensuse 13.2 x64
Kernel 4.0.0-3
KDE 4.14.16

I am having this error when starting Yast GUI (yast2)

/sbin/yast2 : ligne 440 : 4529 segmentation fault $y2ccbin $Y2UI_ARGS “$@”

Thanks in advance.

Please post the last lines of /var/log/YaST2/y2log, they should show why it is crashing:

sudo tail /var/log/YaST2/y2log

And please also post the list of YaST GUI packages installed:

rpm -qa libyui*

Hi again,

Here are the rpms verions

openSuse:~ # rpm -qa libyui*

and here are the last lines from /var/log/YaST2/y2log They date back to the 23th April, no more entries then.

2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [ncurses-pkg] Result of handleEvent: false
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [ncurses-pkg] Return value: cancel
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [ui] Package selection done. Returning with `cancel
2015-04-23 19:51:34 &lt;1&gt; openSuse(27736) [Ruby] modules/PackagesUI.rb:306 Package selector returned `cancel
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [Ruby] clients/sw_single.rb:603 Package selector retured: `cancel
2015-04-23 19:51:34 &lt;1&gt; openSuse(27736) [ncurses] Stop YNCursesUI
2015-04-23 19:51:34 &lt;1&gt; openSuse(27736) [ncurses] Shutdown NCurses...
2015-04-23 19:51:34 &lt;1&gt; openSuse(27736) [ncurses] NCurses down
2015-04-23 19:51:34 &lt;1&gt; openSuse(27736) [liby2] Finished YaST2 component 'y2base'
2015-04-23 19:51:34 &lt;1&gt; openSuse(27736) [liby2] Exiting with client return value '`cancel'
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [zypp] recursive_rmdir /var/tmp/zypp.mvbQr2
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [zypp++] TmpPath cleaned up /var/tmp/zypp.mvbQr2{d 0700 0/0}
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [zypp] Open lockfile /var/run/
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [zypp] Cleanned lock file. (27736)
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [zypp] Close lockfile /var/run/
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [Pkg] Releasing the repo manager...
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [Pkg] Releasing the zypp pointer...
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [zypp] Calling closeDatabase: RpmDb[V4(X--)V3(---): '(/)/var/lib/rpm']
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [zypp] Block access
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [zypp] closeDatabase: RpmDb[NO_INIT]
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [zypp] Targets closed
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [zypp] ~RpmDb()
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [zypp] ~RpmDb() end
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [Pkg] Zypp pointer released
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27736) [Y2Ruby] binary/ Shutting down ruby interpreter.
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <3> openSuse(27591) [ncurses] /sbin/yast sw_single  >&2 returned:4096
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27591) [ncurses] isatty(stderr)yes
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27591) [ncurses] isatty(stdout)yes
2015-04-23 19:51:34 <1> openSuse(27591) [Ruby] clients/menu.rb:303 Got 4096 from /sbin/yast sw_single  >&2
2015-04-23 19:51:38 <1> openSuse(27591) [ncurses] Stop YNCursesUI
2015-04-23 19:51:38 <1> openSuse(27591) [ncurses] Shutdown NCurses...
2015-04-23 19:51:38 <1> openSuse(27591) [ncurses] NCurses down
2015-04-23 19:51:38 <1> openSuse(27591) [liby2] Finished YaST2 component 'y2base'
2015-04-23 19:51:38 <1> openSuse(27591) [liby2] Exiting with client return value 'nil'
2015-04-23 19:51:38 <1> openSuse(27591) [Y2Ruby] binary/ Shutting down ruby interpreter.

Those look ok.

and here are the last lines from /var/log/YaST2/y2log They date back to the 23th April, no more entries then.

And what did you change on your system since then?

Apparently YaST crashes before the log is even opened.

Maybe /var/log/YaST2/signal is more current and contains information about the crash?

Does yast ncurses still work? I.e. run “sudo yast” in a terminal window.

Hi and thanks,

I didn’t change anything special, I just did zypper up, which I do every time I boot my machine :slight_smile:

the log you mentioned /var/log/YaST2/signal, doesn’t exist “no such file or directory”

and YES, yast ncurses still works.

Then it’s probably an issue with Qt5.
What packages do you have installed?

rpm -qa libQt5*

Can you run other Qt5 based applications? (I’m not sure at the moment if/which there are installed by default though)

Do you have Plasma5 installed? In particular libKF5Style5 and/or frameworkintegration-plugin? This has to be compiled against the exact same Qt5 version as you are using, otherwise all Qt5 based applications will just crash when run inside a KDE desktop.
So please also post your repo list as well:

zypper lr -d

Other Qt5 related problems might stem from the graphics driver (Qt5 uses OpenGL for certain things) and/or the CPU in use (there are problems with CPUs that don’t support SSE2 with Qt5’s default build options, in openSUSE’s packages it should work though and you have a 64bit system anyway so cannot be affected as this only applies to certain very old 32bit-only CPUs).
So please post the output of “glxinfo | grep render” too. (install Mesa-demo-x with zypper first if it’s not installed/if you get no output)


With your help, I think I’ve found the problem.
I think it was related to the graphical driver :

Other Qt5 related problems might stem from the graphics driver

I’ve and AMD GPU, after updating to kernel 4.0, the proprietary driver I’ve been using won’t compile against it, so for these few days I haven’t any 3D/graphical acceleration.

After some reading and changing code, I finally got a beta version of the driver to work with kernel 4.0, and Yast GUI is working again.

Still, this is the first time I get this problem with yast, in the past even with the graphical driver broken, yast GUI worked perfectly.

Many thanks :).

PS: I can explain how I did to make the AMD driver work with kernel 4.0, if there are people interested???

Be prepared to bleed when riding the bleeding edge.

You are living far outside the normal 13.2 installation parameters. I suggest you try the AMD forums. Probably people there are experimenting with the newest kernels.

Yes I know, but I do it only with my personal desktop, not for production.


Well, the problem is not the missing 3D/graphical acceleration, but rather that installing the proprietary fglrx driver breaks Mesa and so also the software OpenGL renderer (like nvidia does).
Uninstalling the driver completely should have “fixed” your problem as well.

As mentioned, Qt5 does use OpenGL for certain things, if it is broken that can lead to problems like you encountered.