opensuse 13.2 - yast install garbage screen - vmvga driver

Downloaded ISO and booted to a virtual machine. The video is VMVGA, mouse PS/2. I see the kernel loading and the 3 squares, probing, initializing virtual terminals, and then garbage.

However, if I do a ctrl+alt+f1 (virtual terminal), ctrl+alt+f7 (graphical display), the page is refreshed and I see the licence page. But, I have no discernable input device that I know of. If I just hit the enter key it appears nothing happens, but if I do another f1/f7 switch, the next page is displayed, but again no input device.

I can downgrade the video to VGA and then I normally have to installed xf86-input-vmmouse from opensuse YaST, and a number of other steps to get the video corrected everywhere. Can I get YaST to recognize the VMVGA driver sooner during the install?

I have tried:
F3-Video Mode options
F6-Driver, URL. URL points to “” but got “Object not found”.

Any thoughts?

I can do a yast text install, but not a gui with vmvga video. But when I go into Configure Desktop -> Display there isn’t much there and the desktop wallpaper looks pretty bad.

Never said which VM. Configurer desktop in KDE?? does not select wall paper you do that by right clicking the desktop ans selct folder settings. But I’m only guessing we are not clairvoyant hand have no idea what you have and what you are trying. to do.