[opensuse 13.2 x64] multiboot, grub2 chooses kernel debug as default


I have a multiboot installation managed by opensuse’s 13.2 grub2

with opensuse 13.2 partition obviously
win 8.1 partition
and Fedora22 partition, and here where I have the problem, every time the opensuse kernel is updated, the grub.cfg is recreated, the problem is it chooses the debug kernel of fedora as default, and no the latest installed, the latest is put with the optional entries.

is there a way to force the grub2-mkconfig to use the latest kernel detected for other distributions as default?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know the answer to your specific question. However, you can use “/etc/grub.d/40_custom” to add your own entries to “grub.cfg”. Assuming that Fedora use a symlink for “vmlinuz” and “initrd”, then put those in your own entry to get the kernel that Fedora thinks is the default.

My personal choice is to allow each distro to install it’s own booting. Then I add either “configfile” entries or chainload entries to boot the alternative distro using the opensuse grub2.

It does not chose anything. grub2 calls os-prober to identify other installed OS and output list of boot menu entries in those OS. Most likely this debug kernel is the first listed in fedora bootloader configuration.