OpenSuse 13.2, when will Kate being patched??

Hello all,

Kate, my favorite text editor, also for programming, suffers from the following bug since some update:

Kate crashes trying to open a text file that contains just two charcters <SPC><LF>

Also, when trying to view the properties of that text file in Dolphin, Dolphin crashes.

I would like to know if and when this is going to be patched for OpenSuse 13.2 via the normal update & patch repo.

We are using OpenSuse 13.2 at work and Kate & Dolphin are essential for us.
Installing another version of OpenSuse is not an option at this moment.

Does somebody know where I can find this info?



The last entry of KDE Bug 348977 - “Kate crashes trying to open file with <SPC><LF>” is relevant:

  • "Not reproducable any more with Kate/KWrite based on KF5"

[HR][/HR]IMHO this means that with respect to KDE4 the KDE folks are not going to repair this issue . . . :([Note that no mention of any testing executed with Dolphin is mentioned by the KDE folks . . . ]

Testing is sometimes embarrassing !!!
[HR][/HR]SUT (System Under Test): Linux 3.16.7-35-desktop openSUSE 13.2 (Harlequin) (x86_64)
CPU: AMD FX™-4100 Quad-Core Processor
Dolphin: Version 15.04.0; Under KDE 4.14.9
Kate: Version 3.14.9; Under KDE 4.14.9
[HR][/HR] 1. Created an empty text file with Dolphin with the default (German) name: Textdatei
2. Octal Dump:

 > od Textdatei
0000000 005040
 > od -a Textdatei
0000000  sp  nl

  1. Kate: no crash . . . simply a text file with a <space> as the 1st line and an empty 2nd line . . .
  2. Dolphin: Properties: no crash . . . simply indicates that it’s a simple text file of size 2 B (2) . . .
  3. vim: empty text file (no space) . . . “Textdatei” 1L, 2C . . .

it was my understanding that kde abandoned kde4 apps and moved their focus on qt5/kf5 porting, kate has been ported on kf5 why not try the updated kde5 version, if that bug gets fixed I don’t think they’ll backport it to an abandoned project.
you can get kf5 kate from the KDE:Applications repo or from wolfi I’d suggest getting wolfi’s version as then you can have both kde4 kate and kde5 kate installed