openSUSE 13.2 screenshot](](

Xfce and plasma 5 on my 5 year old laptop

Keeping the look and feel of 13.1 and some proprietary software running just fine on this flexible operating system called openSUSE. lol!:good:](
Did a bit of modification to the default 13.2 wallpaper

This pic is from my personal collection.

I just upgraded to 13.2. I decided to give GNOME a shot and I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the DE thus far.

Modified Xfce4](

Panel applets (left to right)

1: Whiskermenu
2: Show Desktop
3: Places
4: Quicklaunchers
5: Window Buttons (no labels)
6: Spacer
7: Weather panel plugin
8: Xfce4 Timer
9: Audio Mixer
10: Notification Area
11: Workspace Switcher
12 DateTime

Who needs cinnamon when we have GNOME extensions :slight_smile:

Looking good :slight_smile: Great job Novell/openSUSE Devs :smiley: Can’t wait to get it installed on machines around here and use openSUSE again finally :wink:

/home/Benutzername/Bildschirmfoto bug.JPG

Just a nice new bug/feature…