openSuse 13.2 reinstalling applications after deletion?

Hey everyone, just recently started using openSUSE (Gnome DE) and I really like it. I’m a recent convert from Ubuntu-Gnome and Crunchbang, so I sort of know what I’m doing. I’m having an issue right now though. I updated everything and then started removing some programs I didn’t need (tried via Gnome Software, Yast, and zypper). This was mostly gnucash, gnome games, liferea, etc. Yet every time I try to install something else via Yast, it loads all of those programs back as if they were a dependency of the gnome 3 desktop. While I was testing out openSUSE, I never had this issue at all. Now that I have made it my default distro, this comes up. Am I doing something wrong? I noticed there was a “Taboo” option in Yast, is this something I need to use for every package I don’t want randomly reinstalled without my permission? Hopefully, I’ve communicated clearly and someone can help me. Its getting annoying when I delete gnome-chess and then find Yast asking to download it again when installing completely unrelated software!

These are recommended programs thus they get pulled in. In yast-software management you can select not to have recommended package come in or you can Taboo the ones you don’t want.

Personally unless you have a very small root partition I don’t see where having the programs installed hurts much except to use a little disk space. But If you don’t want them you don’t have to have them.

I can see your point about leaving the recommended installs. Thanks for the tip. You have been very helpful.

See this, then read the rest of the thread in this link: