openSuse 13.2 Plasma 5 User Switching Broken

I am currently running a fully up to date 13.2 install with the Qt5 and Plasma 5 development repos enabled. I am also using the latest NVIDIA driver from the Bumblebee repo and SDDM as the display manager. Everything pretty much works as expected with one notable issue, user switching.

I can start a new session from my account. I can login to my wife’s account with no issue from the login screen. However, when I logout of my wife’s account the screen goes black except for the cursor. It never completes logging out and thus a reboot is required. I thought maybe this was just a glitch with this box, but I tried it on another box with a similar software/hardware setup and got the same thing. Is anyone else experiencing something similar? I don’t know if this is a combo of the various repos I’m running or just a bug in SDDM or Plasma. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

This is a problem with logging out in general, not with user switching.

If gnome-keyring-pam is installed, the session just hangs on logout. You have to press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace twice to get back to the login screen.

To fix it, uninstall gnome-keyring-pam (and lock it so it doesn’t get reinstalled), this is only needed to automatically unlock GNOME’s keyring automatically on login.

Or use a different displaymanager, kdm should still work fine, even with Plasma5.

Ok cool. I’ll try removing the keyring package.

I removed gnome-keyring-pam and have no issues switching between users now. Thanks, I appreciate the help.