OpenSUSE 13.2 on top of Win 10 Preview ??

Newbie here although I have run dual boot systems back to SuSE 9 and Win Vista.

I am currently running Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview, which has it’s own interesting features, and trying to overlay OpenSuSE 13.2 on top.

I am using the SuSE download DVD blown with a freebie burner.

The install goes apparently fine until the last step - adding the Repository.

At this point the installer says it can not find the Repository on the DVD and gives me a choice of using another CD or DVD, but no option to point to an online Repository.

I have no idea how to get the main repository downloaded and blown onto anything, or how to access the online repo.

Obviously I am not getting something.

Can anyone help, please ?

Thanks in advance.


The above was moved from another thread and is open for discussion.

OK again :slight_smile:

What do you mean by on top of Windows 10? Dual boot? VM? something else

Also this is the openSUSE forum not the SUSE forum there is a difference be sure what you are talking about. Did you download SUSE or openSUSE??

Did you check the check ums of the down load? Did you run the media check on the DVD?