openSUSE 13.2 NFSv4 Unable to start svcgssd.

I attempted to turn on NFSv4 with “yast2 nfs_server”. NFS Server Start selected. Open Port in Firewall unchecked. Enable NFSv4 checked. Enable GSS Security checked. On the next page I entered a single directory with the default options. They looked like NFSv3 option to me (ro,root_squash,sync,no_subtree_check) rather than NFSv4 (no bind, fsid=0, crossmnt, etc.). I clicked finish and it popped up an error window that said, “Unable to start svcgssd. Ensure your kerberos and gssapi (nfs-utils) setup is correct.” I didn’t see anything in the journalctl output that would have been helpful (it did say “[size=2][FONT=courier new]Starting kernel based NFS server: svcgssd gssd idmapd mountd statd nfsd sm-notify…done”).[/FONT]
I checked the system key tab with “klist -k -e” and it contains the expected entry: [FONT=courier new]nfs/ (des3-cbc-sha1).[/FONT]

NFS Kerberos doesn’t still require allow_weak_crypto (i.e. DES rather than DES3) does it?

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to debug what is going wrong.