opensuse 13.2 lost ist static settings after regular updates

hi all:

my opensuse 13.2 was set up statically with static ip address/default route (“ifcfg-ens2” and “routes”). but a few days ago i updated the os with “zypper refresh” and “zypper update”. everything seems to be fine except the machine is now on dhcp apparently. i checked directory /etc/sysconfig/network, both files “ifcfg-ens2” and “routes” are there and nothing changed. it seems that both files are no longer being read when the system rebooted.

i also checked YaST2 “network settings”, every time i started "YaST2 “network settings”, i got warning message “Network is currently handled by NetworkManager or completely disabled. Yast is unable to configure some options.”. when the it was opened, under “Global Options” tab, under “General Network Settings”, “Network Setup Method” is “NetworkManager Service”. when i switched to “Overview” tab, ethernet interface section is greyed out, but wireless interface is available (i didn’t configure wireless interface yet).

why is that? what happened? how could i fix this? activate “wicked service”?



And what if you change in YaST there from Network Manager to Wicked (as you has earlier)?

AFAIK any manual edits to the raw configuration files are effective only using Wicked (classic ifup/ifdown) and not typically used if you implement Network Manager.

So, depending on your reasons for using Network Manager (which is currently more flexible and able to manage multiple network connections better), you can try what hcvv suggests which is to switch to Wicked or if you wish to continue to use NM, then you should enter that information in the NM connection settings, not editing the interface files directly.

When you use NM, you can easily manage connections to multiple wireless networks (Wicked won’t save multiple settings), static configurations, whether the settings should apply to the system on bootup or only when a User logs in, masqueraging/cloning MAC addresses, plus much more.


well, originally i set up static settings manually with those two files and it worked fine until something happened after i did “zypper refresh/update”.

just checked with YaST, i don’t see option of “User Controlled with NetworkManager” under “Global Options”.

thanks. but i didn’t implement my original settings via “Network Manager”, i configured two files under /etc/sysconfig/network manually and those two files are still there (not changed).

i am wondering what is in control of the network setting of my system, if those two files are not read by the system.

i am not in the hurry to fix this, just want to understand why this happened, before i proceed to fix it.

Under Global Options > General Network Settings you can set the ‘Network Setup Method’ to ‘Wicked Service’

To check existing status, including whether NM or Wicked is running you can do

systemctl status network.service

It is likely Network Manager, which is easily changed back to wicked as described above.

This is a bit of a yes/no, but as everybody here claims that there is the choice between Wicked and NM on the Global tab, please check again.