Opensuse 13.2 KDE live iso

I noticed that the download page for opensuse 13.2 says:

“Some alternative media (eg. live and rescue systems) are also available, although they are less tested and recommended for only limited use.”

Does anyone know what that means? Does it mean:

  • don’t use the kde live iso at all, not even to install?
  • the kde live iso is just meant for installing to your hard-drive?
  • the kde live iso is just as a demonstration of opensuse 13.2, you should download the dvd iso?

At the moment, the kde x86_64 live image will boot after a long wait (about 10 minutes) but the panel does not appear, there is also a graphics driver error at boot start.

I am using a dell precision 380 with 2Gb of ram. I have been using 13.1 since it was released with few problems.

Cheers for any help.

The 13.2 KDE live booted fine for me. I used a USB for this.

It is a bit slow, particularly the first time, because it is creating a partition to allow persistent data (data that will still be there after reboot). That only applies when using a USB. If you use a DVD, it will be slow because DVDs are slow.

There are some other problems mentioned in bug reports, but they mostly don’t seem enough to prevent using the live media. I personally prefer to install with the DVD installer, and use live media for repair tasks where you don’t want to be booted from the hard drive.

For example, I need to redo the partitioning on my laptop. So I will be booting the live rescue image and running “gparted” from there.

There is some limits on the live media. One is that you can only do an install not an upgrade from it if you have an existing installation.

I think you are taking the warning in too strong a light. It just means what it says not as much testing has been done so maybe you might maybe run into a problem that is not on the full DVD. Does not mean it is not recommended or it won’t or you should not use it. If that was so they would not have but it as an option

That warning also surprised me, I always use one of the live cds because they are much smaller, and I am not interested in downloading 4.7 gb of software packages without updates on a cdrom. I think it doesn’t make sense.
I think the opensuse team should make this more clear.
Anyway, really great distro.

You could also use the NETinstall CD.
That’s only ~70 MiB with 13.2, has none of the limitations/problems of the LiveCD, and downloads only those packages that are actually installed.

You have to have a working network/internet connection during installation though of course (although it could also use a repo on your hard disk, but then you would have to manually download the whole distribution first).
And apparently the 13.2 one has a bug that wireless doesn’t work at all (it works fine here with the 13.1 NETinstall CD).

Thank for your answer, I know about the net install, but usually the most used software packages are already on the live cds. So from the perspective of not overcharging opensuse servers I think it’s good that people download the live cds from bittorrent, with the most used software packages, and download only what they need besides that basic set of packages from opensuse repos.
Also downloading packages while installing make the installation longer and more prone to errors.
Taking this into account is why I usually prefer the live cds installation method.