OpenSuSE 13.2 KDE, Atheros AR9462 and loosing packets

Hi all,

I’m a new openSuSE user and a fresh linux user, so it’s kind of difficult for me understand what’s happening and what to do exactly. Have patience please! :smiley:

I started with connection problems so I disabled the YaST manager and enabled the NetworkManager. I Also disabled all the ipv6 connection following (and thanks) to this guide:
Now the connection works BUT the main problem I’m having is a lot of packet’s lost when I ping to the internet (eg.: ping -c 5 Sometime it’s hard to navigate or even to download updates and it’s really frustrating :S

If there’s any additional check I can do just tell me :slight_smile:


Actually, I think I found the solution … I changed the channel for the wifi connection. Now it seems that all works fine.
If the problem comes back I’ll be back! :shame:
Thanks anyway :slight_smile: