openSUSE 13.2 insallation from USB stick problems


Mi first time getting contact with a forum. sorry if I make any mistake, but I tryed to search for the answer with no success.

I have a notebook that came from factory with all 4 primary partitions sda1,2,3 and 4 used by windows and it’s recovery things.

I decided to wipe out the hole HD and recreate a new partition table, that I think it’s screwd (idon’t have enought knolegment to get deep in this analises)

But when I boot grom the USB stick with openSUSE DVD image writen, the installation proccess tries to format and instal the opensuse on the sdb media (that is the usb stick I’m using to boot) I couldn’t set the installation to create the neccessary partitions on the sda media. Does anyone undestand my problem and know how could I correct it?

Thankyou and sorry if my english is not good enought.


I have seen that happen the Installer gets confused to where the boot disk is. Just tell it where you want to install what the intaller is telling you is just a suggestion you need to take control (Advanced/expert mode). Alos If this is a new machine is is probably GPT partitioned not the old MBR parturition so it can have more then 4 primary partitions and you need to install via EFI mode not legacy.

Boot the installer in EFI mode should be a BIOS boot menu (maybe F12?? at boot) It should tell you that it will install grub2-efi (not just grub2) it should also use and or make a small FAT formatted partition mounted as /boot/efi. If you use secure boot (set in BIOS) you should check secure boot box.