OpenSuse 13.2 i586 can't recognize my wirless broadcom BCM43255

hello i need a help guys , how i can activate my wirless card , or install drivers PLZZZZ

A quick search brings up a list of Broadcom chipsets

From that, it would appear the the wl driver should support your device. The required packages can be installed from the Packman repo.

These guides may be useful to you (but it really isn’t complicated)

But the BCM43255 is not listed there, nor is it listed as supported in the Broadcom driver’s README.txt file:

To be sure, can you please post the exact hardware specification?

/sbin/lspci -nnk -d 14e4:

Maybe I glanced too quickly (I read BCM43225, and I wonder if the OP meant that anyway?) :slight_smile: Of course it depends on the exact chipset, which is what the OP should have specified in the first place. I’ll leave you to figure that out -no need for two of us here.