openSUSE 13.2 How to load custom DSDT?

After upgrading to openSUSE 13.2 i can’t find ability to load custom ACPI DSDT.aml file from initramfs.
Anyone know how to load custom dsdt now?

I found that /sbin/mkinitrd from dracut rpm have option -a with such description “Obsolete, do not use”
this mean there is some other way to load dsdt probably or such functionality completly removed.
For sure i can recompile kernel with dsdt include inside kernel, but this way not very

Bumping this to see if anyone had found a solution to inserting custom dsdt’s. The ability to do so was removed from YaST in 13.1 because it had been broken since 12.2, and i don’t think it is currently not supported by dracut (no method or functionality yet added?)(?). If anywhere the functionality might be in Tumbleweed?

If this is in regards to the remapping of a particular laptop it has been included in kernel 4.1x