openSuSE 13.2: How do I make Polkit less restrictive for XDMCP connections?


I’m using XDMCP to log in to remote machines, but unfortunately Polkit becomes very restrictive.

When logging in locally Polkit behaves as usual, allowing updates without requiring the superuser password and also allowing control of any network connections with NetworkManager. However, when logging in via XDMCP any update (even updating the metainfo of any repos) requires that the superuser password be provided, and trying to control the network connections is simply refused.

Now, how do I relax these restrictions so that updates can be run without having to provide the superuser password, and how can the network be controlled, but the superuser password is required for this?
I have been poking around for any information concerning this, but all to no avail.

Any pointers to which field in the polkit config files mean what are greatly appreciated.


“man polkit” and “man polkit-default-privs”.

In openSUSE, the default polkit rules are set in /etc/polkit-default-privs.standard and /etc/polkit-default-privs.restrictive, which one is used depends on your security settings.
You can override specific rules in /etc/polkit-default-privs.local (you shouldn’t change the above two files).
Run “/sbin/set_polkit_default_privs” afterwards to “apply” your changes.


Got polkitd being much less restrictive now, and everything works o.k. now.