Opensuse 13.2 hides free disk space in the LVM by default... Why?

I recently installed openSUSE 13.2 on my computer. When it came to partitioning, I asked for full disk --or partition, to be more precise-- encryption and used the suggested filesystems (btrfs for / and xfs for /home). The partitioner selected 200 GB for Windoze and 300 GB for openSUSE which I considered fine.

Recently I had to make a backup image of a 34 GB drive and realized that I had only 5 GB left in my home directory. I thought that maybe most of the space had been assigned to the root partition so I ran df -h and found that my home partition is 50 GB and my root partition is 40 GB. I was shocked, and wondering what happened with my extra 200+ GB.

I finally found by running YaST’s partitioning tool that all the missing space is available in the LVM but is not assigned to any sub-volume.

My question is why? Is there any reason for this or just a rant to scare newbies like me??

Default 13.2 install does not use LVM. Please start with showing “df -h” output.