OpenSuse 13.2 getting wifi during installation

I have tried to install OpenSuse 13.2 on a few different laptops and when I get to the network configuration screen (not shown in the installation guide, and one of the first screens before partitioning or anything) it shows me a wlan device and an ethernet device. Both not configured, press edit to configure, etc.

So when I configure my wlan device and tell it to use a dynamic ip address and then I select my network (am I supposed to use managed, master or ad-hoc? does this matter) and enter the network password then next, etc. it says the device is set up but not connected. How do I connect?

I have had the same behaviour on every installation of OpenSuse 13.2 with a few different laptops and a desktop. Could someone tell me what I am supposed to do next to actually get connected? Thanks.

Wireless doesn’t work in the 13.2 installer, see also the release notes:

Awesome, thank you. I apologize for not going through the release notes more thoroughly. They certainly weren’t coming up in my google searches. Anyways, it is good to know that I’m not missing anything and it just isn’t meant to work right now. Thank you for the speed response.

It should work in the installed system though.

Also if you plug into a wired Internet. Or use the full install or a live install the WIFI should work once it is installed.