openSUSE 13.2 -- end of the maintenance period Patch has been published

The following Patch appeared on my 13.2 system this morning:

Information for patch openSUSE-2017-118:
Name: openSUSE-2017-118
Version: 1
Arch: noarch
Status: Installed
Category: recommended
Severity: low
Created On: Wed Jan 18 15:38:20 2017
Reboot Required: No
Package Manager Restart Required: No
Interactive: No
Summary: End of maintenance announcement for openSUSE 13.2

  This announcement marks the end of the maintenance period for openSUSE 13.2.

  In order to keep your systems up to date and secure, please migrate your
  systems to the current openSUSE version.

  For more information on how to upgrade to the current openSUSE version, please read:

  Please make sure that you applied all maintenance updates provided for openSUSE 13.2 before starting the update.

  Thank you for using openSUSE,
  your Maintenance and Security Team
  patch:openSUSE-2017-118 == 1
  release-notes-openSUSE.noarch < 13.2.20170117-26.2
  srcpackage:release-notes-openSUSE < 13.2.20170117-26.2

[HR][/HR]Bye, bye 13.2 . . . :’(