Opensuse 13.2 does'nt start on raid nvidia after upgrading

I have upgrade my suse to 13.2 on machien with sata raid 1 ( nvidia )

when i boot i got error message after a long time with splash screen

warning : /dev/mapper/nvidia …part5 does’nt exist
warning /dev/… part 6 does’nt exist

part 5 boot partition
part 6 is swap


to give some more informations

if i boot in rescue mode with the DVD and lauch fidsk -l

i saw sda and sdb
But i got an error message :
partition 6 does not start on physical sector
and partition table entries are not in disk order

is that cab explain ? and how can i solve that ?


Can’t help with the RAID but those are not errors you see but warnings and it should not matter.

You also did not say which version you upgraded from.