OpenSuSE 13.2, Dependency Resolution for HPLIP Install...

Hi guys,

I am looking for guidance how to approach this problem…

HPLIP (3.14.6, from OpenSuSE) install attempt via YAST under OpenSuSE 13.2 reports “Automatic Changes” to add Java-1_7_0-openjkd, Java-1_7_0-openjdk-plugin, and java-1_7_0-openjdk-headless.

  • I have Oracle Java installed for compatibility with Android dev tools from Google, and Atlassian life-cycle support tools.

  • Scan of dependency list for HPLIP doesn’t show anything java-y, so I’m thinking some transitive dependency. (HPLIP is mostly Python / C).

  • Attempt at shell-level install of HP’ non-RPM HPLIP, not vetted as compatible with 13.2, complains about potential incompatible supporting packages, with option to go forward with that install grabbing what it thinks it needs via package management.

I don’t want to be rolling back current level whatever that HPLIP thinks it needs. I can’t punt to OpenJDK, as that’s explicitly not supported by two things I definitely want. I’d rather not deal with Java environment wrangling that comes with having 2 or more Java installs present

  • Is there a sensible technical next move here?

  • Am I stuck deploying two Java environments, and wrangling which apps talk to which one(s)?

  • Any suggestions on who to talk to: HPLIP support, packaging support @OpenSuSE, other?


hplip does not pull in java. But some other package or pattern you have installed recommends it. Enable the option “Ignore recommended packages for already installed packages” in YaST’s “Options” menu to prevent that.

Awesome. Thank you. I didn’t know about that config. In these rich environments there are so many preferences, configs, and other behavior mods, sometimes it’s just better to ask someone who’s more familiar.

So, we’ll see what’s weird next…