opensuse 13.2 bug?

opensuse 13.2
in opensuse i remove yast and network manager
in /etc/sysconfig/etwork/ifcfg-eno1 i wrote



default –

network is working but route does not
i can write there - eno1 but i cant (i need exactly - - or other option that means any)
any ideas?

I don’t really understand what the problem is (in particular that last sentence doesn’t make any sense to me), but have a look at “man routes”.
In particular:

       Both files use the same syntax. The only difference is the  interpreta-
       tion the interface field in the 4th column.

       Lines beginning with # and blank lines are ignored. There are 5 columns
       with special meaning.  Write a dash "-" if you want to  omit  an  entry
       for a field. If all following fields in the line are empty too, you can
       even omit the dash.

       The columns are: Destination Gateway Netmask Interface Options

So “ - eno1” is of course incorrect, “default --” is incorrect as well (the – in particular), “default - -” should work and would be the same as “default”, and “default - eno1” should work as well, but would specify eno1 as interface.

Btw, you can also use ifroute-<interfacename> for an interspace-specific route, instead of routes.