OpenSuse 13.2 Bootable USB media error: This is not a openSuse medium

I installed openSUSE 13.2 64bit PC on USB stick with Imagewriter, I booted USB stick and selected to check the installation media validity before starting the installation as always. I received this message: This is not a openSUSE medium. I also tried to install it but it aborted. I had to roll back to openSUSE 13.1 64bit PC that I installed with USB stick and everything was fine. Moreover I installed openSUSE 13.2 legacy 32 bit PC on an old laptop and everything was fine too.
Have anyone any suggestion on my problem?
Thanks in advance


Media check only works on DVD’s NOT on USBs

I didn’t know that. At last I succeeded to install 13.2. Everything was fine


Yep if the image is ok ie it’s check sums are correct the copy to a USB would not be expected to fail (if you do it right). But for DVD/CD you can have bad media or a bad burn so you need a media check. On a USB some changes happen that will make the media check not work due to extra space buffering etc.

I’ve got that message too !

  1. I press “OK”
  2. Back + Back (twice)
  3. I go to “Expert”
  4. I go to "Verify Installation Media "
  5. I choose: sdb USB disk…

SURPRISE SUPRISE lol! !!! The verification is done totally (and most likely prefectly): “No errors found”:good:
What do you think ?
Hope It helps.