openSUSE 13.2 Artwork Proposal

Dear Geekos, at the openSUSE Conference 14, Kenneth Wimer presented some new ideas and guidelines about branding. This includes a color set, as well as some new design elements. You can watch his talk here. I have taken the chance to prepare a light wallpaper proposal, based on this color set It is of course …]


That looks terrible. The gradient green and white intensity effect around the gecko make that wallpaper hard to look at. What’s wrong with the current wallpaper? Nothing.

I agree, the white intensity ruins it.

I quite liked the dark wallpaper and theme of 13.1 but i know not everyone is a fan of dark themes.

Personally i think the grey colour of the KDE apps needs to be changed, it looks so dated IMO.

Darker the better .

The example of another colour geko green .

Ergonomics take accoun of eyestrain .

Improve the gradiant .

Excuse my english .


PD . Otherwise all good

I like something like this ; bat I did no stay very well , I missed some colour , especially in sources (letters )

Thank , regards

The proposal looks OK to me

Same here (but which proposal?). :slight_smile:

@mikrios, one change I would make to preserve the branding is to move “13.2” below “openSUSE” or remove it altogether (is it necessary?). For me it unbalances the “shape/style” of the green logo, and adds nothing to the design.

It was just a test , nothing serious .

Thanks .