openSuse 13.1 No Ethernet connection after suspend on battery mode

Hi, I am using OpenSuse 13.1 and have a problem with ethernet. After suspend on battery mode there is no Ethernet connection, but wireless connections works fine. The diver module is alx. When I excecute /etc/init.d/network restart the OS goes crazy and once showed me a kernel panic message. So every time I forget to suspend connected on AC power I have to restart the computer. I installed laptop-mode-tools and thought it was the cause but after uninstalling it the problems continues. it is not a big matter but I would like to solve it. What should I do?

kind regards

Javier Ochoa

I am having a similar problem. My computer also uses the alx module for ethernet and is running openSUSE 13.1. Each time I wake the computer up from hibernation the network is not working. If I do a systemctl restart network or rmmod alx the computer freezes. Sometimes showing me a kernel panic other times just a frozen desktop. It makes no difference if the computer is running on battery or AC power. I can avoid the problem by disabling the alx ethernet device and removing the module before hibernation (ifcontrol eth1 down; rmmod alx). And then loading the module after I resume and enabling it again. I would also like a solution to this problem. The alx module (compiled from compat drivers) was working fine with hibernation in 12.2 and 12.3.