openSUSE-13.1-NET-i586.iso installation appears as 12.2 not 13.1?

I am a newB w Linux.
DETAILS: CD installation of downloaded & burned CD w my laptop, file name: openSUSE-13.1-NET-i586.iso file openSUSE-13.1-NET-i586.iso file into an old PC, 32bit, x86 had windows 10, 60Gb hdd, 256m rimm, RAM: and successfully installed sort of,EVENTUALLY… however 12.2 instead of 13.1?
ISSUES: Installation functioned well UNTIL “Green Progression” indicator arrived at 80%. Then screen froze at install. Recovery COLD BOOT : HAD 80gb hdd with win xp drive would not boot after attempts of installation. BOTH antixs and 13.1 attempts at installation froze at 80%. Swapped out to 60Gb hdd, installs still froze. BTW both HDD same mfg : SEAGATE
SIDE NOTE: Originally research told me , ANTIX LINUX filenname antiX-16_386-core-libre.iso was to work best in this machine, however many install attempts resulted in same 80% freeze too.

By trial and error, but this worked out, at Install menu, I mistakenly selected BOOT FROM HARDRIVE, and it booted w KERNEL indicating “opensuse 13.1” however GRUB indicated 12.1 AND it had SELF configured it’s own ROOT password? Found solution to reset & re-enter new password, so that is functioning. Ethernet configured now, using TERMINAL, zypper update.

Have I made mistakes?

  • Is 13.1 too much for this older PC?
    –Is openSUSE-13.1-NET-i586.iso file…is this correct for my machine?
    —Any recommendations? Machine is very slow, I do plan to max out the RAM.

Thank you-